Web Underwriter Information

Support the future of the fluid power industry – Your source for tomorrow’s employees and customers.

The FPEF’s new Web site is designed for students pursuing fluid power as a career choice, as well as individuals and companies interested in promoting fluid power.


  • Web Underwriting: If you would like to support the FPEF by advertising on and underwriting our Web site, please submit a Web site Underwriter Form while also e-mailing info@fpef.org your company’s logo on a white background. The dimensions of the logo (including the background) must be 150 pixels wide by 95 pixels high. Your logo will be placed on the FPEF’s Web site and rotate on every page, along with other sponsors’ logos. Your logo will appear each time for approximately 5 seconds throughout the visitor’s experience, and your total exposure will depend upon the number of sponsors who participate. The cost for a one-year placement – including a link to your company’s Web site from the FPEF Web site – is $500.00.
  • Support through a donation: If you would like to support the FPEF with a donation to support scholarships and other Foundation activities, please click here.

FPEF is supported entirely through tax-deductible, charitable donations from fluid power industry manufacturers, distributors, and benefactors. Many of the FPEF programs would not be possible without this support.

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