FPEF 2016 Scholarship Application

Deadline April 1, 2016

Have your received an FPEF Scholarship in the past?
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Semester Hours Completed (at least 9 credit hours or the equivalent): *
Name of POST SECONDARY SCHOOL you are enrolled in: *
High School Seniors: You must provide an admission letter from Engineering or Engineering Technology Post-Secondary School proving enrollment.
College Seniors/Graduating Applicants: Students graduating in May or June of the current year may not apply for a scholarship, unless enrolled in a four year school in the next (fall) semester. An acceptance or admission letter must accompany the application and the student must show enrollment and/or completion of at least one fluid power course.
Four-year school graduates are not eligible for this scholarship.
Expected Graduation Date: *
Name of FLUID POWER Instructor: *
Fluid Power Instructor Phone Number: *
Fluid Power Instructor E-mail Address: *
Do you currently hold any Fluid Power Certifications?
If yes, which certifications(s)?
The following items must be included for Scholarship Application to be considered:

Three letters of recommendation must be submitted (one letter from an individual in each category listed below) to the FPEF Scholarship Department (address listed below) or e-mailed to the FPEF Secretariat (info@fpef.org).

  1. Fluid power, science, math or technology instructor
  2. Principal, dean or career counselor
  3. Non-related adult who knows you (outside your school)

450-500 word typed essay (dated and signed). The essay should cover:

  • Why you chose to learn about fluid power (describe your career aspirations)
  • What impact you think you can have on the fluid power industry
  • Career goals/leadership roles/extracurricular activities
  • Awards you have been given
  • Community service

Your essay will be evaluated based on grammar, spelling, proper length and content. Please give great care to the essay.

Essay: *

In order for your application to be considered, an official sealed transcript proving you have earned a 3.0 GPA on a 4.0 scale must be mailed to the address below.  ​Your application will not be processed without an official transcript.

The school can mail transcripts to

FPEF Scholarship Department
P.O. Box 1420
Cherry Hill, NJ 08034

Scholarship Approval/Disbursement Process:
After the application deadline, all applications will be reviewed by the FPEF Board of Trustees.  Scholarship applicants will be notified of the Trustees’ decision no later than May 31, 2016.  Checks, made payable to the applicant AND school, will be distributed no later than July 1, 2016.

By submitting this application I affirm that the information contained is correct and accurate.

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